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Baumard, N. (2016) Why are religions so judgemental? Ask evolution , The New Scientist, 27 April 2016 (based on: Baumard, N. & Chevallier, C. (2015) The nature and dynamics of world religions: a life-history approach.

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La morale a-t-elle engendré les religions ?, Cerveau & Psycho, Nov-Dec. 2011.
Les inégalités sont-elles acceptables ? Cerveau et Psycho, July-August 2011.
Et si les droits de l'homme étaient universels ? Cerveau et Psycho, May-June 2011. 

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Mèng Zǐ (372 – 289 BCE) on the moral organ
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Oct. 2009 The universality of music: Cross-cultural comparison, the recognition of emotions, and the influence of the the Backstreet Boys on a Cockatoo
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